Uttarakhand – An adventure. An experience.

Uttarakhand – An adventure. An experience.

Rajeev Acharya's Tale

Uttarakhand – An adventure. An experience.

“Uttarakhand offered the best of both worlds; a daunting ride and a scenic journey. “

 Why did I embark on this journey? Because I wanted to experience everything from the most surreal sunsets to the hilliest terrains. It wasn’t just about extreme challenges, but about exploring as much as I could.

This was my first journey after the lockdown, so the prep was a bit different than usual. I duly registered myself online with the government of Uttarakhand and filled in the required forms which made the journey much smoother. All that was left to do was to grab my Himalayan and set off on the journey.

I had the Nirvik jacket and my burnish gloves, that was pretty much all I needed to stay safe. It was beginning to get chilly as I reached Uttarakhand. Thankfully, the gear kept me insulated and on the move. Another crucial piece of equipment was the mobile mount that I got fixed on my bike. I would advise my fellow riders to do the same or better yet get a Bluetooth system installed in their helmets. It sounds like a small thing but it goes a long way, especially given the fact that getting lost on a trail is a very common thing.

This ride wasn’t just about extreme conditions, it was the perfect blend of everything - from the steep hills to the serene pastures, from the toughest gravel conditions to smooth tarmac roads, from off-roading without a single person in sight to breathtaking sunsets. But the highlight of the journey was discovering hidden trails and majestic waterfalls. It felt like I discovered a hidden path to paradise. I guess that's how you get rewarded if you don't fear getting lost.

Fortunately, my coffee, food and nutribars were always handy in case I needed them, thanks to the bag-pack I was carrying, it was an Alpha Tactical that was super-comfortable for long rides as it never felt too bulky. It definitely made my treks and rides hassle-free.

I’ve been riding for 20 years now, way too long to call every ride a perfect one. But I can say that about this adventure in Uttarakhand without any hesitation whatsoever- it was perfect. From the temperature to the terrains, from the challenges to the scenic waterfalls; everything just came together in perfect sync to make this ride a memorable one.

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