A tale of the coastal trail

A tale of the coastal trail

Thethumperman's Experience

Wide empty roads, twisted lanes, the scenic countryside flashing by, and amidst all this, ‘the sound’ – thumping like a heartbeat. Nothing can beat a long road trip on the Himalayan!

Every journey has multiple stories to tell, and every story is different. This is Thumperman’s story.

2000 KM. 12 Days. A crew of 30 riders. Mumbai to Kanyakumari via Goa - Karnataka – Kerala. The Royal Enfield Coastal Trail is one such expedition.

My ride didn’t start when I hit the road, it began the moment I started preparing for it. All the way from mapping out the route, checking the weather conditions and most importantly – carrying all riding essentials in my backpack, because one never knows what is waiting for one at the next turn.

Each excursion has a unique charm with opportunities to explore different cultures, languages and local delicacies. This one started with heavy traffic till Navi Mumbai and two hours of steady riding later, we caught our first sight of the glistening Arabian sea, and we knew – the journey had begun!

We rode on tarmacs, through sandy plains, hilly terrains and more. We made our way through the demanding trail of Velas village, full of rocks, sand and loose gravel. The tedious parts demand hydration and a protective pair of gloves and boots to keep you equipped and comfortable.

The journey and the pitstops – each was more enchanting than the next. Ranging from churches juxtaposed upon the splendid backwaters, to stretches of the sea – we let every second seep in.

As we neared the end of the journey, we realised, how 30 riders who started off as strangers came to share a unique bond. Through marking turns, riding alongside one another, enjoying the local stays – one ride had come to an end, but it left us all planning our next Royal Enfield expedition together!

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