Royal Enfield Redditch Helmet



  • ISI (IS: 4151) and DOT (FMVSS No. 218) certified
  • Weight – ~1150 Gm

Shell Construction

  • Single Unit Fiberglass Shell: Fiberglass has superior impact absorption properties. The force of an impact at any point is distributed across a large surface area.
  • EPS Internal Liner: Inner safety liner made from Expanded Polystyrene foam.

Visor Construction

  • Visor Style: Optically correct aviator style face shield with micro-metric stops. Made from polycarbonate material
  • Hard Coated Surface: Hard Coated visor surface with UV treatment for increased scratch resistance
  • Release Mechanism: Quick release mechanism. No tools required.

Comfort Liner

  • Materials: Polyester and knit mesh comfort liner
  • Wash & Care: Removable and washable. Anti-microbial treated

Chin Strap Retention

  • Micro Metric Lock: Micro metric adjustable quick release chin strap retention system
  • Materials: Made from nylon straps with comfort paddling

Other Features

  • Goggles Holder: On the back with snap button closure
  • Lockable D-Ring: Integrated D-Ring in the chin strap to help you lock the helmet

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