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Must Have For Your Next Ride

Here are our recommendations of things that you should never leave without for a ride. Think of these must-haves as tools. Tools, which help you make your ride a better experience. Tools, which become your companions on the long way home.

Before you set off on your next motorcycle ride, make sure you have these essentials with you. The correct mix of gear, apparel and accessories helps to uplift your experience, and make your ride an unforgettable one. Look gear that will protect you in case of a slide, and will be comfortable to wear for long durations Here are our recommendations of must-haves for your next ride. 

Urban Trooper Helmet

Minimalistic without sacrificing on performance and safety, with simple classic silhouettes inspired by our motorcycle design philosophy; the Urban Trooper helmet captures the spirit of the modern day explorer. Engineered to exceed the regulated ISI standards, the shell of this helmet is made from a single unit of fiberglass, with a hard lacquer coat that improves the helmet’s durability. This lightweight, streamlined helmet will stay snug on your head, wherever your travels may lead. 

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REMX Goggles

Wherever the Urban Trooper helmet goes, the REMX Goggles follow. Designed to fit comfortably over all our helmets, the goggles come with an anti-fog, scratch-resistant clear lens for unimpaired vision. The goggles have been designed to maintain the wide field of vision required for road use, perfect for riders looking for a tighter seal around their eyes than what a standard helmet visor offers. 

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Keylong Backpack

When it comes to choosing a backpack specially designed for motorcycling, we have your back! With its multiple lash points, roll-top closure system, quick access pockets and a water resistant structure, the Keylong Backpack will gobble up and keep secure your daily essentials or the stuff you need on your back when on the road. 

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T3 Dopp Kit

Tech, tools and toiletries; you need them on any ride. Our T3 Dopp Kit is a versatile kit bag. Use it as your daily tech survival bag, a morning toiletries bag; or as your motorcycle toolkit; The T3 Dopp Kit is designed to be an organised hold-all for your essentials. 

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Military Gloves

Continuing with the theme inspired by armed forces, the military gloves are our most popular. They’re based on the concept of gloves used by tactical teams, who need their gloves to be dextrous, tactile and still offer protection from impact. Our Military Gloves are perfect for motorcyclists looking for gloves that offer protection without sacrificing the control they have on the motorcycle. 

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Explorer Riding Jacket V2

The Explorer is a no-nonsense protective jacket for the no-nonsense motorcyclist. It comes with an integrated rain liner, detachable winter liner and a super ventilated outer shell. With its ventilated and abrasion resistant outer shell, CE Level 1 certified impact protectors and reflective piping for increased visibility in low light conditions; the Explorer V2 Jacket is built for the perennial voyager.

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Explorer Touring Boots

Purpose-built for riding on unpredictable terrains, the Explorer Boots offer toe, heel, ankle and shin protectors on the outside and a soft foot-bed and flexing zones inside to offer you optimum protection from rock and road. They’re equipped for a long distance tour, a morning commute to office and everything else in between. 

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MLG Headgear

Great as protection from the elements or just as a stylish accessory while you are on the road, this multi utility headwear can be worn in as many as 12 different ways. Made from 100% stretch polyester micro fabric, it is super-efficient in wicking sweat away from your neck and making the sweat evaporate at a rate that cools you down. 

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Motorcycling is like any other pursuit. Your dedication, preparation and passion are augmented by the tools and gear you have at your disposal!

Ride safe. Ride pure.