Make Your Own

Make Your Own

There’s an inherent intimacy to riding a motorcycle. You can twist the throttle, weigh the peg, work on it, tinker with it, and form a unique bond with your machine – a bond that truly reflects you.

Customizing motorcycles has stood for individuality and independence for a rider. Every curve on the frame of the body, the stance of the suspensions, size of the seat, every detail is a reflection of the riders personality.
Royal Enfield has given the ever-evolving rider the freedom to take their machine to the next level by building the most custom friendly motorcycles in the world. Motorcycles which morph to your imagination. Kickstarting a unique culture of customization that was completely  lead, developed and cultivated by our riding communities. Filling the streets of this country with modified Royal Enfields and all of them as unique as their riders.

The curious quest to apply customisation as a means to encapsulate the essence of their rider, led Royal Enfield to explore fresh collaborations with endless possibilities.
Like in 2016, collaborating with Happy Socks, a leading European designer men’s innerwear brand. Co-creating a limited edition capsule collection featuring customized motorcycling jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, helmets and a series of socks and boxer briefs.
As an ode to the collaboration, Royal Enfield also created four limited edition Continental GTs, that were displayed at Happy Socks’ exclusive brand stores in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Mumbai.

Reflecting on the commitment to create  truly unique riding experiences, Royal Enfield paved a path for riders to experiment with the modularity of their motorcycles, thereby encouraging custom builders like the Bull City Customs, InLine3 Customs, Bombay Custom Works and TNT Motorcycles to re-invent our timeless designs. From minor changes to altering the entire frame, all of it was inspired by the synergy of the community of Royal Enfield riders and the vision of these custom builders. 

This journey of customization continued forward, with each passing year giving us new iconic custom motorcycle like the Dirty duck, Lock Stock, Rohini, the Interceptor and the latest being the Twins FT. Winning hearts and accolades all around the globe, representing our customised muscle at Wheels and Waves, France.
Pushing the envelope on how our classic and timeless designs can be re-imagined.

Royal Enfield believes personalising and accessorising one's motorcycle as the extension of the rider itself, a choice that is extremely personal and deserves to be empowered. Our riding community has always inspired us to introduce bold, new ideas. A reflection of the same belief led us to innovate and create a platform that extends this journey of customisation from motorcycles to fresh new canvases.
Helmets, came out to be the best choice for this exploration, a riding essential, as intimate as the ride itself. This led to the inception of MAKE YOUR OWN.

Make Your Own is the product of the years of exploration, created to act as a bridge for the riders wishing to extend their expression beyond machines. Bringing the customisation and comfort closer, and making the process of customisation more accessible for everyone.

Enabling the user to be to in control of the configuration, with options to select from at every step in the making - the type of shell, internal fabric colour, right up to the final finish; so that riders create a helmet that not only protects them but also truly reflects them.


2020, will witness the beginning of a new chapter in Royal Enfield’s journey with customisation.

Motorcycling enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy the bespoke custom experience of MAKE YOUR OWN with Royal Enfield Helmets, t-shirts, soon to be followed by jackets. With new options to customize.
So, whether it's your spirit of exploration or your need to stand out of the crowd, riders will be able to create their own personal range of riding gear and accessories, that are unique, and exclusive. Just like them.

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