Gary Inman

A motorcycle journalist for 25 years, contributing to the world’s leading magazines before launching Sideburn, in 2008. Sideburn’s innovative use of art has helped change the visual language of motorcycling and boosted the careers of a number of artists. Gary compiled the book Motorcycle Graphics in 2013.

“I love seeing original motorcycle art from around the world, and I'm hoping to find my next favourite artist through The Art of Motorcycling competition.”

Nandita Abraham

As the President of the prestigious Pearl Academy, Nandita is an energetic leader whose mission is to integrate the communication industry with the design school’s classrooms. Over the last 25 years, she has driven a number of path-breaking projects like the Pearl Academy - Fashion Design Council of India collaboration along with social initiatives like the Tihar Jail Fashion Lab.

“The Art of Motorcycling will provide an excellent opportunity for auto enthusiasts to invoke the artist in themselves. I’m happy to be a part of this search for the ‘motorcyclist artist’.”

Toria Jaymes

A multi-disciplined creative working under the guise of “Stay Outside”, Toria has produced graphic design and illustration work for many major brands like Twitter, Nike, Levi’s, Red Bull and Royal Enfield. Along with a side passion for motorbikes and a stint racing flat track in the UK. She has brought these two passions of hers together to produce cover art and editorial pieces for the cult like Sideburn Magazine, plus numerous other publications and many great moto brand collaborations.

“This is a great way to channel your pent-up energy! Imagination and creativity is a wonderful way to escape when you're stuck inside and unable to ride.”

Maxwell Paternoster

A London-based artist who has always gravitated towards art and motorcycles. Over the years, he has let his passions fuel each other, creating motorcycle artwork, customising tanks, helmets and the like, and also building a few motorcycles along the way. He’s even painted a Royal Enfield at Wheels & Waves, Biarritz.

“I think the competition is a great opportunity for somebody to work with a company that has a long heritage and pride in their product.”